Why Choose MothDefense Moth Traps?

Why Choose MothPrevention Moth Traps

Why Choose MothDefense Clothes Moth & Carpet Moth Traps?

1. Unlike other moth traps ours are engineered and produced in Germany using a blend of completely natural pheromones that are exclusive to MothDefense. 

2. Each trap provides you with 3 months of lasting protection. This allows you to monitor your closets, clothing, home textiles & carpets, and provides you with peace of mind that your home is not under attack from moths

3. Our moth traps, unlike other brands are also reusable & refillable. As with everything that is reusable & refillable you expect the process to be easy, as well as save you money! This is certainly the case with our traps! Our replacement strips are readily available, provide you with easy to apply replacements, and allow to maintain uninterrupted monitoring and moth control within your home

4. Our traps are recommended by professional Pest Controllers. Relying entirely on the effectiveness of a product to maintain a great reputation is something that we fully appreciate, and so do the many professional Pest Controllers that choose to recommend and supply their customers with our MothDefense Moth Traps.

5. Our moth traps are the biggest on the market. They’re nearly twice the size of other products available. With a large surface area and our pheromone technology they’re a powerful attack against Clothes Moths & Carpet Moths

6. Our traps attract the 4 main types of textile moth - protecting your precious clothes, carpets and other textiles. The majority of other brands on the market are produced in China using pheromones that are not effective at attracting such a broad range of textile moths.

7. The low key, attractive wood grain design means that you can keep it discrete. No-one needs to know that there are moth traps in your home!

clothes moth traps

8. MothDefense Clothes Moth & Carpet Moth Traps Replacement Strips are natural, non-toxic, and friendly to you and your home. Plus no odor!

9. You’re purchasing from a family business. When you purchase a MothDefense product, you aren’t buying from a mass supplier - you’re purchasing from a family-owned business who cares deeply about making sure you have exactly what you need to protect your home and clothing

For detailed information about how to use our moth Traps please read this post: How To Maximize The Effectiveness of Your Moth Traps.

We’re always here for you - if you need further help and / or guidance, or not seeing the results you’re expecting please reach out to us.

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