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Clothes Moths in Your Home - Moth Infestation Treatment & Moth Control

The damage to clothing caused by clothes moths, sometimes known as wool moths, in the home can be expensive and stressful. At MothDefense we offer a proven range of Clothes Moth Traps. If you're wondering how to get rid of clothes moths in your closet and deter or kill moths in your house, you've come to the right place! If you need a chemical treatment to kill the larvae and eggs in your home checkout out our Clothes Moths Kit Guide. With over 250,000 customers' moth problems solved, you can be sure you're in safe hands.

Suffering with Carpet Moths?
If you have issues with carpet moths in the carpets of the home, see our Carpet Moths Kit Guide - Moth larvae will damage carpets, particularly in undisturbed and darker areas under furniture or along baseboards. Our Carpet Moths Kit Guides are extremely effecting at killing moths, larvae and eggs.
Clothes moths are typically very small (0.8 to 1.4cm) and often go unnoticed until, frequently with a seasonal weather change or impending event, when one takes clothes from storage, only to uncover damage. The adults rarely fly in lit areas at night, preferring darkness and can squeeze through very small cracks. Adult males are more likely to be found flying and can be targeted using our Clothes Moth Traps. The female clothing moth tends to run or hop rather than fly and will look to hide in the folds of garments.

It is the larvae that cause the damage, feeding on the fibers of wool, cashmere, silk and leather clothes leaving unsightly holes in clothing and often rendering them un-wearable. Its so frustrating when you find a moth eaten sweater in your closet.

The cost of damage to clothes can be significant so the relatively modest investment in controlling and preventing adult moths and moth larvae, and providing protection for your clothing, is an investment worth making. With a typical adult female clothing moth laying hundreds of eggs in one go, the risk of an infestation emerging quickly is a very real one and the need for anti moth protection is critical, especially for valuable garments. For more information on caring for clothes and maintenance / cleaning of closets and drawers to reduce the likelihood of moths settling and laying eggs, and how to get rid of moths, please take a look at our advice guides.

Solutions to Your Clothes Moth Infestation

With modern houses and central heating, the clothes moth lifecycle has extended to become a year-round problem and you are far more likely to find moths in your house. This section contains our proven range of moth traps, specifically designed to get rid of clothes moths in your closet and home, however big or small the problem is. We have categorized our range of treatments to kill moths and deter moths as follows:
Clothes Moth Traps - based on trapping the male moth to break the breeding cycle and using naturally occurring pheromones. Our Moth traps effectively kill moths, are safe to use in your home and can be conveniently located in or near clothes storage areas or in living rooms.

Moth Traps are effective for 3 months once activated and we sell replacement Moth Strips as a cost-effective way to extend the life of the moth traps, rather than replacing the whole product. We also offer year round discounts when ordering volume to save you money. If you have moths in the house then we'd strongly recommend the use of Moth Traps as a key part of your plan to deter and kill moths.

If you need to get rid of moth larvae or moth eggs in your home lease please check out our Clothes Moths Kit Guide and Carpet Moths Kit Guide. With information on how to match our Traps and Refills with Sprays, Foggers and Powders you’ll be able to deal with a serious infestation.
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